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Person wearing a matching pink workout outfit with curly hair does the single-leg glute bridge with a resistance band in the gym
Get Serious Glute Gains With the Single-Leg Glute Bridge
older adult wearing shorts and tennis shoes on a track holds knees weakening with age
Why Your Knees Weaken with Age and What to Do About It
close view of a person slicing a butternut squash on a wooden cutting board, to represent foods that cause carotenemia
Skin Turning Orange? Here’s What Your Body’s Trying to Tell You
collage of someone putting Comvita manuka honey into their tea and a person wearing a tan workout tank top looking calm by a window
The 3 Properties of Mānuka Honey That Make It Great for Gut Health Support
illustration of a person's feet with orange painted toenails wearing blue flip-flops, against a blue background
How Bad Is It Really to Wear Flip-Flops Every Day?
Person waking up and stretching in bed at home to ease morning joint pain.
11 Exercises Physical Therapists Love for Easing Morning Joint Pain
Two people doing calf raises in the gym as part of a 20-minute calf workout.
A 20-Minute Calf Workout to Strengthen This Often-Neglected Muscle
a collage of some of the best pregnancy pillows on a light pink background
The 10 Best Pregnancy Pillows for Better Sleep With a Bump
Close up of person wearing a grey sweater and pricking their finger for a blood glucose test, on the counter in their kitchen
9 Tips to Overcome Blood Sugar Testing Anxiety
person sits on pavement and holds heel of foot due to plantar fasciitis pain
8 Exercises to Help Heal Plantar Fasciitis, According to Physical Therapists
Athlete performing reverse crunches on black mat in gym.
How to Do the Reverse Crunch for a Stronger Core and Hips
an older adult sleeping on their side in bed, to represent relief for hip pain while sleeping
Hip Pain While Sleeping? Here's What Your Body's Trying to Tell You
collage of yellow Girlfriend Collective High-Waisted Bike Shorts on peach background.
These Girlfriend Collective Bike Shorts Are the Only Pair That Don’t Roll Up During My Cycling Workouts
illustration of a person scraping tartar off their teeth with a dental cleaning instrument on a dark pink background
How Bad Is It Really to Scrape Tartar Off Your Teeth?
illustration of a person's hand reaching for a razor in the shower, to represent shaving pubic hair
How Bad Is It Really to Shave Your Pubic Hair?
a smiling person with curly blonde hair sitting outside on her terrace at sunset and reading a book, as a nighttime habit for brain health
5 Things to Do Every Night for Better Brain Health
Image of a personal trainer demonstrating the carioca exercise on a light blue background.
How to Do the Carioca Exercise for Better Balance and Coordination
Collage of purple Girlfriend Collective Paloma Racerback Bra on peach background.
This Girlfriend Collective Sports Bra Is the Only One That Stops Bouncing and Lets Me Breathe Deeply
a person in athletic clothes sitting on the ground and rubbing their bare feet because they have numb toes
Numb Toes? Here's What Your Body's Trying to Tell You
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Exactly How to Stay Hydrated During Your Workouts Based on How Much You Sweat
Group of exercises with ponytails and braids doing burpees in a gym during a workout class, while one person skips the move
The 9 Most Dreaded Exercises You Can Skip
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7 Stretches to Help Relieve Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, According to a Physical Therapist
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6 Things an Optometrist Does Every Day to Protect Her Eyesight
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The Pluto Puff Body Pillow Has Kept Me Cool and Maintained Its Shape After 2 Years of Everyday Use

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